New clients

Welcome to our two lovely boutique studios! With its open, welcoming atmosphere, you will be quick to find yourself amongst friends!
You can find us in two most central locations:

  • In Freie Strasse 3, 4th floor, 4001 Basel.
    Classes offered: Pilates Reformer classes.
  • In St. Johanns Vorstadt 14, 2nd floor down, 4056 Basel.
    Classes offered: Pilates Springboard, Pilates & Aerial Yoga Fusion, Barre, Pilates & Weights.

This is how it works … Due to the limited number of participants, please register in advance. Take a look at the exact class description, our class schedule and prices on our homepage, and then please book and pay the desired dates directly on our Eversports booking platform.

We recommend that our beloved Pilates newbies start their Pilates journey with the following classes: Reformer Beginners, Pilates Springboard, Pilates & Aerial Yoga Fusion.

You are very welcome to try out 1 class of your choice. You can try it out for CHF 20,- (students 14 CHF) per person.

Then you can:
• buy a block of 5 or 10 classes,
• or pay the other units individually as a “drop in”.

Pre-registration through Eversports required..
• Cancellations are possible online on Eversports up to 12 hours before the class starts.

• Eversports APP: book, cancel and use the waiting list. Click here for the video tutorial.

• Please create an account on

• Go to our class schedule and choose the class of your choice. 

• Select the product with which you would like to book this class, for example trail class, drop-in (= single ticket after your trial class) or a block.

• If the desired date is fully booked, I recommend you put yourself on the waiting list. As soon as a place becomes available, you will receive a push notification from the Eversports app. Whoever books the class first gets the place. So don’t be afraid of the waiting list, you won’t be automatically booked in. It is important to allow push notifications from the Eversports app, otherwise you will not receive a message about the vacancy.

• Cancellations are possible online on Eversports up to 12 hours before the class starts.
• Please bring with you: towel, non-slip socks, water bottle and in cold weather a warm sweater as we ventilate regularly during and after the class. Thanks!

• Please clean the equipment and mat thoroughly after training.

• We provide: mats, cleaning materials, props to be used during class.

• Please come at least 10 minutes early. The class starts on time and “late arrivals” disrupt the class flow considerably.

• If you are doing “Pilates & Aerial Yoga Fusion” class: hanging upside down is only recommended for very healthy people. If you are unsure, please contact me by email.

• New moms, customers unfamiliar with pilates, or who may have slight posture problems (such as slight back problems) should only start with the “Pilates Springboard” class. Thanks!
• Arrive to the class at least 10 minutes prior to the start time. Classes begin on time, and “late arrivals” disrupt the class flow considerably.

• Please inform us before the class starts about any possible injuries, illnesses, or pregnancy!
The more you train, the faster and better the results! However, it is much better to only train once a week, EVERY WEEK, than to come every day for 2 weeks and then take a long break. That doesn’t help! So regularity is the key to success!

How often you should exercise also depends on your goals.

If it is a matter of general well-being and that your back pain disappears, then 1-2 times a week – BUT as I said EVERY WEEK – is sufficient. Of course you are welcome to come more often!
If you want to have a great figure, be ready – it’s hard work! In that case, 4 times a week is the minimum!
We offer dynamic group workouts, so the training is suitable for healthy women as well as women with mild posture problems.

Our training is not suitable for you if you suffer from constant and / or massive pain, have suffered severe injuries, are pregnant (we offer Baby-Glow-Fitness online) or have recently had an operation. New mothers can only participate 6 months after the birth and/or when the diastasis recti has completely healed.

If you are unsure or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email. I am happy to advise you. Thanks!

We look forward to you!