Welcome to our cosy and lovely boutique studio!

Here we provide all of the major props needed for our classes: Aerial yoga silk on the ceiling, Pilates Springboards and ballet bars on the wall, balls, Pilates rings, hand weights, mats, etc. Cleaning materials for after class are also provided. And, of course, smiles and good energy are included!

You might come alone to the first class, but at the next class it will be like meeting old friends! We all know each other by name, experienced customers and I offer our support to new clients, and we all sweat and “suffer” happily together in a very pleasant and familiar atmosphere. Also: yes, you’ll hear everything from bossa nova to ska punk here!

Our classes complement each other wonderfully for a holistic well-being and an evenly toned body! Although each of our classes is unique, they all have something in common: they are totally focused on our female figure (core and lower body), spinal health and elegant posture.

Arrange your trial lesson here via Eversports today!

I am very happy to meet you!

Why Pilates Boutique?

• Blocks of 5 and 10, drop ins
• Trial lesson CHF 25,-
• No commitment.
• No registration fee.
• Flexible participation in the individual classes: You do not have to decide on a day or class, but simply register online anytime (literally also a few minutes before the start of the training) or at least 4 weeks in advance. Should something else occur, we ask you to cancel up to 12 hours before the start of the respective class, so that others can take your vacant space.

We offer dynamic group workouts, so the training is suitable for healthy women as well as women with mild posture problems.

Our training is not suitable for you if you suffer from constant and / or massive pain, have suffered severe injuries, are pregnant (we offer Baby-Glow-Fitness online) or have recently had an operation. New mothers can only participate 6 months after the birth and/or when the diastasis recti has completely healed.

If you are unsure or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email. I am happy to advise you. Thanks!